Rough Terrain Scissors

Rough Terrain Scissor Lifts are ideal for high reach work in almost any conditions. They are tough, construction-oriented four-wheel drive machines with positive traction control — ideal for increasing productivity in demanding outdoor worksites.

Typical features include increased power (provided by internal combustion engine, variations can be diesel, petrol, gas, or combinations of these). This is required to cope with increased weights and steeper grades of 18 degrees to 22 degrees that are generally associated with this class of scissor lift. Also utilised are high flotation and 'lugged' tyres, an even axle weight distribution, 4WD, increased ground clearance and in many instances, an 'oscillating axle' to help keep all four wheels on the ground when travelling over rough terrain. Increased robustness and higher payloads are often typical characteristics of the rough terrain scissor lift.

All EWP operators must possess a current EWP Operator Licence.